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Civilian-Legal SAWs

We build a line of belt-fed, semi-automatic, closed-bolt rifles for civilians.  Based on our military belt-fed machine guns, our civilian SAWs share most accessories and feed system components, but have a closed-bolt operating group based around a Heckler & Koch G3-style trigger pack.


US MGA originally built collector's editions, visually as close as possible to the FN Minimi®. MGA has since moved on to build modernized, re-engineered closed-bolt belt-fed rifles.

MGA Mk46™ - Our current design is a multi-caliber platform capable of taking the most modern accessories.  The same basic receiver can be configured as an original Mk46, as a rifle with military-standard accessories, or as a modernized rifle with new rail system, heat shield, and butt stock options.  These closed-bolt rifles can be purchased with an adapter plate that allows the use of any AR-style butt stock, such as the Magpul UBR stock shown on this rifle.

MGA CA249™ - In addition to the standard rifle, MGA also builds a special configuration for California customers. The configuration meets the standards for a "featureless rifle", and is thus legal to possess in California.

MGA Mk48™ - As an offshoot of US MGA's development of new 7.62x51mm machine guns, MGA offers closed-bolt rifles in 7.62x51mm/.308 Win.