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 Vehicle egress under fire! How many belt feds can be fired form the front seat of a car, with the stock shouldered this easily? Huge thanks to LMS Defense for letting us "use" their car!


OSS demonstrates their machine gun suppressor on an MGA SAW in 5.56

 Engaging some medium range (300m) targets with the SAW-K in .300BLK using the Steiner eOptics DBAL A-3

Engaging some 400m targets with a SCAR-H using a Steiner eOptics DBAL-D2

Fullmag disposes of his copy of 50 Shades of Grey with a suppressed SAW-K out at Big Shot Ranch


Tactical Life removes some concrete with an MGA SAW in 6.8mm 


Check out the SAW-K in ART15 Clothing's latest rap video



Fullmag wins the three gun world championship on a hoverboard with a suppressed SAW-K chambered in .300 BLK


Overview of the MGA SAW-K and Mk46 at the LMS Defense customer appreciation weekend

MGA SAW being test fired in .260 Remington

Test firing the .300BLK MGA SAW with Gorilla Ammunition 220gr subs 

5.56 test, single block

5.56 test, double block

6.8 test, double block

.300 BLK supersonic test, double block

.300 BLK subsonic test, double block