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The base MGA Mk46 is a closed-bolt, semi automatic, belt fed rifle. A military MK46 costs about $ 10,000 or more depending on configurations. This model reflects our efforts to lower the cost-of-entry for civilian collectors and serious firearms enthusiasts. Each MGA Mk46 is still custom built to your specifications.  

This gun is configured with our newest PATENT-PENDING operating group which uses standard Heckler & Koch® hammers in Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger packs.

This gun is shipped with our newest PATENT-PENDING semi-auto operating group (named G3.SA) which uses standard Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger packs and standard Heckler & Koch® hammers (these are NOT the old fashioned and less reliable custom-made longer hammers).

Base Rifle

The base rifle is a solid starting point to build what you are looking for. The base configuration has our PATENT-PENDING op-group, a mod 0 feed tray, a railed top cover, one barrel, and documentation. A multi-caliber receiver comes standard, which allows you to change calibers any time in the future.



The MGA Mk46 comes chambered in 5.56 NATO. The included multi-caliber receiver accepts any one or our caliber conversion kits as listed in the order form.

Top Cover Option:

Top Cover Options

All base model rifles come with the top cover shown on the left side of the above photo. The most popular, rail only, top cover is shown in the middle and what we recommend. The old fashioned rail and iron site combination is shown on the right.

Feed Tray Option:

MOD-1 Feed Trays feature a set of pawls that hold the ammo belt in place when the top cover is open. This option is especially recommend for ranges and other high-use applications.

Bi pod:


We replace the older-style square leg bi pod with the new round leg bi pod whose legs fold back in parallel to each other in order to clear a battle grip.

Bi pod Bushing Upgrade:

This option welds on the forward mount point for standard military tripods. The rear mount point is already in place (the hole in front of the trigger housing).



Mk46 Order Builder

Select from the options below to create your custom build estimate and submit your form.

  • The order process :

    1. Fill out the above options to configure your custom build.
    2. Select "add to Cart" when ready to place your order.
    3. Pay the Build Service Deposit to finalize your order.
    4. The balance of your order will be billed prior to shipping your rifle, once assembly is complete.
    5. Your rifle will be shipped to a local FFL of your choice.

    All MGA closed-bolt, belt-fed rifles are non restricted firearms and do not require any additional NFA fees, paperwork or delays. Your rifle will be shipped to your local FFL and available to you for pickup in accordance with your local state lays regarding any standard semi-automatic rifle.

    DEPOSIT: All MGA Custom built firearms require a Build Service Deposit. Once your rifle is built, tested and ready to ship, you will be billed the remaining balance. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

    If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please give us a call at 801-839-4683. We are here to help.