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MGA Mk46™


The MGA Mk46 is a closed-bolt, belt-fed rifle. This rifle comes standard with a rail/iron sight top cover, MGA rail system, M4 buttstock adapter with a Magpul UBR stock, MOD 1 feed tray, MOD 1 bipod, match grade trigger, 3 position trigger housing, and a forward tripod mount. (scope and laser pictured not included)

All of our rifles are coated with a PTFE finish and use H&K style trigger groups.

This gun is shipped with our PATENTED semi-auto operating group (G3.Mk4 FA) which uses a match grade Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger pack.  This new operating group uses standard Heckler & Koch® hammers, not the custom-made long hammers.


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