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MGA Mk46 .300 BLK


The MGA Mk46™ .300 BLK is a closed-bolt, belt-fed rifle. The base model is a multi-caliber receiver without magazine well, with an AR-style fixed butt stock, a railed top cover without iron sights, MOD 0 feed tray, and without bipod or forward rail system.

We have redesigned the gas system on our .300 BLK barrels to get the maximum possible pressure to cycle the operating group, so cycling with subsonic ammunition is not a problem, even without a suppressor. Our .300 BLK barrels are threaded 5/8x24, making them compatible with most standard suppressors and muzzle devices.

The photo above shows a MGA Mk46™ .300 BLK with the following options (NOTE: caliber conversion kits, spare parts, optics and more are available on our PARTS FOR SALE page):

  • M4 Adapter w/UBR stock
  • Tripod Adapter
  • MGA Rail System
  • Top cover w/Rail & Iron Sight
  • Trijicon VCOG 1-6x optic
  • Steiner eOptics DBAL-A3 illuminator
  • MOD 0 Bipod

All of our rifles are coated with a PTFE finish and use H&K style trigger groups.

This gun is shipped with our newest PATENT-PENDING semi-auto operating group (named G3.SA Mk4) which uses standard Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger packs.  The new operating group uses standard Heckler & Koch® hammers, not the old custom-made long hammers.

The base rifle is a starting point for customers who already have their own SAW accessories. The rifle will come without a hand guard, heat shield, or bipod, and is our most cost-conscious option.


All MGA firearms come with a two-year limited warranty. Click HERE for warranty information.