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Sales & Refund Policies

Sales Policy

All federal, state, & local laws apply relating to the sale of MGA products & services. All NFA (National Firearms Act) rules and laws apply where applicable.

Please know your Local and State Laws before attempting to purchase firearms or parts. Individual local & state laws are too numerous to list, so please consult your local law enforcement agencies or lawyer.

Firearms purchased from MGA will only be shipped to a FFL holder, who will transfer the firearm to the customer; MGA requires a file copy of the FFL before shipment. Firearms that will not meet local restrictions will not be shipped! California customers are only sold California-compliant firearms!

Firearm parts do not generally require a FFL to receive, but local laws may prohibit possessing certain combinations of parts. Please consult a lawyer or your local law enforcement agency before ordering parts.


All MGA products are guaranteed to be free of factory defects. Any defective products may be returned to MGA and either replaced or refunded. If a gun is serviced by a non-certified gunsmith and does not function after such service, we reserve the right to factory service the firearm for evaluation and repair, if necessary, before replacement or refund will be considered. If the end user or any person acting on behalf of the end user has damaged the firearm or any of the systems of the firearm, MGA will repair the damage at the usual shop rate and return the firearm to the end user. Shipping costs will be paid by the responsible party. Failure to use the firearm properly is not covered by this guarantee. Damage or even a suspicion of damage which may have occurred incidental to shipping and handling will be repaired by MGA,  if the damage is reported to the carrier upon receipt of  the item and to MGA with in 48 hours of delivery. If the gun is covered by NFA, rules all custodial records must accompany the gun for servicing.

Final payments on firearms, once transferred, and build service fees are not refundable.