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Shot Show Special - MGA Mk46 P™

Special SHOT Show Price of $7986, which includes the $2000 build service fee to reserve your place on our build queue.

Normal dealer pricing on this firearm is $8381; MSRP is $9860.

Special pricing on a MGA Mk46 P™ - a multi-caliber, belt-fed, self-loading rifle receiver setup in a pistol configuration. Use with a pistol brace for extra control, such as the Gear Head Works Tailhook™.

This configuration includes PTFE-coated receiver, a forward rail system, AR-stock adapter, semi-automatic match-grade H&K G3-style trigger pack, and 13.75" barrel.  In this pistol configuration, there is no heat shield, forward tripod mount, or bipod included.  

This firearm is shipped in 5.56x45mm caliber, but additional calibers conversion are available up to 7.62x51mm; contact US Machine Gun Armory for availability. Additional options and accessories are available; contact US Machine Gun Armory™ for more information.

As the overall length of the firearm is beyond 26", but has never had a stock, the firearm is officially classified as a firearm and not a short-barreled rifle.

Firearms are built to order, so a build service fee is paid to start the build process, with final payment due at shipping.

All US Machine Gun Armory™ receivers are multi-caliber from 5.56x45mm up to 7.62x51mm. Closed-bolt rifles are H&K host guns, using G3-style trigger packs (including sear packs).