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MGA Mk46™ (CA-config) Base Rifle

Read the details of our compliance with California law

This gun is based on our MGA Mk46™, but is configured as a "featureless rifle" as defined by California Department of Justice rules and is currently still legal for purchase in California - but that may change soon. 

Belt-fed firearms were expected to no longer be sold in California starting DECEMBER 31, 2013, but that ban was postponed indefinitely.

A new law is expected to pass soon, so we encourage California residents to purchase ASAP.

(NOTE: caliber conversion kits, spare parts, optics and more are available on our PARTS FOR SALE page):

    All of our rifles are coated with a PTFE finish and use H&K style trigger groups.

    This gun is shipped with our newest PATENT-PENDING semi-auto operating group (named G3.SA Mk4) which uses standard Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger packs.  The new operating group uses standard Heckler & Koch® hammers, not the old custom-made long hammers.

    The Loaded Rifle (pictured above) comes with a MOD 1 bipod, MOD 1 feed tray, MGA  rail system, match grade trigger, 3 position trigger housing, heat shield, a rail and sight top coverand a California compliant fixed stock. The rifle does come with a grip cover to meet California requirements, barrels will have flash hiders replaced with muzzle brakes, and will only be shipped with a fixed stock.

    All MGA firearms come with a two year limited lifetime warranty. Click HERE for warranty information.


    MGA Mk46™ (CA-config) Base Rifle

    • 2,000.00

    The order process :

    1. Select add to cart to pay the $2000 build reservation fee. This $2000 reserves your place in the build queue and is subtracted from the final invoice.
    2. Upload a copy of your receiving FFL HERE with your order number as the subject line.
    3. Once we have your FFL, we will send an email confirmation with an estimated shipping date.
    4. Once your rifle is ready to ship, we will contact you for final payment and confirm your receiving FFL.
    5. Upon receipt of final payment, your rifle will be shipped and you will receive an email with your tracking number.

    All MGA closed-bolt, belt-fed rifles are non restricted firearms and do not require any additional NFA fees, paperwork or delays. Your rifle will be shipped to your local FFL and available to you for pickup in accordance with your local state laws regarding any standard semi-automatic rifle.

    DEPOSIT: All MGA firearms require an initial gun build deposit of $2000. Once your rifle is built, tested and ready to ship, you will be billed the remaining balance. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

    If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please give us a call at 801-839-4683. We are here to help.

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